The Easy Gift Guide: For Her

Christmas Gift guide


1. Benefit Cosmetics Gift Packs

I love this idea as a gift for the make up lover in your life (or maybe a cheeky gift for yourself?) No, but seriously, this pack is awesome because to buy the mini mascara on it’s own is about $23. Which means for an extra $7 you get two extra products and I just think that’s awesome

2. OPI Mini 12 Pack

If you’re trying to find a gift for your nail polish loving friend, you should seriously consider this. For $49.95 you get a pack of 12 different shades of really good quality nail polish. To make it even cooler they also come in themed packs, like Grease or The Nutcracker

3. Scented Candles

I’m pretty sure everyone loves a good scented candle and, through experience, I love Dusk. I think they’re scents and quality of candles are really good and I would personally love to be gifted one

4. A Candle Care Kit 

This is a kind of ‘I do need one but I don’t want to buy it myself’ kind of gift. If you’re into candles you kind of need a care kit, just to make your life a tad bit easier. So if you know a candle lover you should really consider this

5. Mimco Passport Cover

The perfect gift for the traveller in your life. I love this Mimco design but there’s a lot of others you can choose from as well. Some you can even personalise or getting matching luggage tags for.

6. Morphe 6-piece Eye Brush Set

I haven’t personally tried these brushes, but for $27 I think these would make a great gift (or another cheeky treat yo’self gift)

7. Lonely Planet Travel Book

This is another gift for the traveller in your life. Not only is it full of cool trip ideas but it would make a pretty cool coffee table book as well

8. Body Shop Lip Balm

Body shop lip balm is the cheapest item on the list at $6 a tub but they’re awesome. They’re cruelty free, come in a range of different scents and I’ve never heard a bad word against them. I 100% recommend them


I hope this guide helps a bit guys, let me know what you think!

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