What is Halloween in Australia?

I just want to start this post by saying, I feel ripped off. Ripped off because I never got to experience Halloweespooky-halloween-background-with-pumpkins-in-a-cemetery_1048-3055n as a kid.  As a 20 something year old Australian born in the 90’s halloween was a weird holiday for me. Well, actually it just didn’t exist outside of Disney and Nickelodeon. Being raised watching American tv shows and halloween re-runs during October left me, and many other kids, wishing Halloween was an Australian holiday.

However, because us kids have grown up we’ve almost brought Halloween into Australia. Of course, being Australian, that basically means we use it as an excuse to dress up and get drunk. But I thought I’d still write a small list of what it’s like if you’re an Australian who likes Halloween (and really wants it to be a thing).


  • Only seeing one or two Halloween decorations in town and getting overly excited
  • Constantly having people ask you what day Halloween actually is
  • Always listening to the older generation talk about how stupid Halloween is and remind you it’s not Australian
  • Being jealous of all the kids that get to go trick or treating now
  • Trying to convince your friends to do something for Halloween
  • Seriously considering buying the overpriced Halloween pumpkins from Coles
  • Watching youtuber vlogs (Zoe Sugg especially) about Halloween and being extremely jealous


And, there we have it. Let me know what you think and if you have anything to add or tell me what Halloween is like in your country!