Shop Small Businesses this Christmas: Australia 2020

No surprise, we all know this year has been the actual definition of shit. It’s been a shitty year and a lot of people have struggled emotionally, physically and financially. That’s why I’ve created this post for people who want to reach out and help out Australian small businesses.

Little Patch Creations

I just want to say that this gal is the queen of festival wear with cool fabrics and designs. It’s all customisable as well which means you get to pick which fabric you want for the item and the event. Which just makes it sooo much cooler in my eyes. Who doesn’t need a pair of groovy flares? I know I do and I want about five pairs.

Off the Book Pages

As their Instagram bio says it’s Australia’s first and only online bookstore for independently published books. I don’t think I need to mention anything else because that’s pretty cool.

Tina Maher Art

I’ve followed Tina on Instagram for years now, literally ever since her son told me to look at her art. Tina is based in my hometown of Townsville and I love her Townsville inspired stuff but she also does other really fun and colourful artworks. I know I’m doing a terrible job at explaining her artwork but all you need to know is it’s colourful and fun and you should hit the link to see what I mean.

The Oopsy Daisy Co

How can I explain The Oopsy Daisy Co prints? Fun, colourful, and very groovy. In my opinion these prints are perfect for a little bohemian home or nursery. I also want to mention that they do really cool wedding invitations as well.

Buck Wild Country

All I have to say is this bohemian country brand is really cool. In my opinion their designs are perfect for travelling, Rodeos or the 2021 CMC festival. I can just see myself road tripping through Australia wearing their designs and, honestly, what I’m picturing looks really cool. Also the kids collection is called little bucks and that’s just too cute.

Crystal and Stone

Crystals are cool ’nuff said. Jokes but also seriously. I feel like crystals are taking the world by storm at the moment and Crystal and Stone have an amazing collection of stones and styles. They have a beautiful Instagram page and a beautiful store in Western Australia. Plus they sent a really cute crystal sticker with my first order.

**Disclaimer: There are hundreds of small businesses throughout Australia that deserve to be a part of this post, however, these are businesses I have followed on Instagram for years. If you know of any other businesses you feel should be mentioned please feel free to link them below in the comments 🙂