How to Make Christmas feel more ‘Christmassy’ as an Adult

It can’t just be me who finds Christmas as an Adult a little disappointing. In fact, I know it’s not just me. There seems to be this kind of limbo phase between Christmas as a kid and having kids where Christmas just gets, dare I say, a little bland. So, this year I’ve tried spicing it up a little and I think I’ve found a couple things that bring back a bit of the excitement.

Christmas Movie night with Drinking Games

  Note, this isn’t going to be any fun if you or your friends don’t drink alcohol. Get a group of friends together and pick a few Christmas movies to watch and drink to. In my personal opinion, the perfect number of movies to watch is about 3. It should be a mix of a Christmas classic, a movie you all watched as kids and a new movie not a lot of you have seen. You can make up your own rules or google some ideas. I personally think the idea of putting a Santa hat on the corner of the TV and drinking every time it aligns to look like a character is wearing it sounds like fun.


Friendmas Dinner

Christmas is a time for appreciating your family and friends. Every year most people will have a big Christmas lunch or dinner with their family but what about your friends? Let them know you care by having a ‘Friendmas’ lunch or dinner in the lead up to Christmas day. After all, it’s your friends who get you through the working week.

Christmas light looking

Don’t be fooled you’re never too old to go light looking. Try and plan a time you and your friends can jump in a car and head to the most decorated suburbs in your town. I guarantee you, you’ll have a good time. Mostly because of all the gossiping you’ll do. But really, being adults we rarely get to just ‘hang out’.

Ginger Bread house decorating comp

For about 3 years myself and 2 of my closest friends would have a gingerbread house decorating competition. Before we all started working full time hours 😦.We would make our own gingerbread in our own time and make the icing together. Then we would stay up late trying to not only decorate, but keep our houses together and standing. They definitely weren’t masterpieces but they’re memories we look back on and still laugh about. Looking back, I’ve realised we never took any photos of our houses but I really highly recommend giving this one a go.