What have I been up to? Watching/Reading/Doing

I love sharing things I love so I just figured I would start a new segment on my blog sharing what I’ve been watching, reading and doing. Kind of like a monthly favourites but more and somehow… better? You tell me


The Bold Type

The Bold Type - Wikipedia

The Bold Type focuses on 3 girls who work for the same magazine living their best, and not so best, lives in NYC. Long story short: 3 cool girls with beautiful friendship live the cool NYC lifestyle (cool bars included) while working for a cool progressive magazine called Scarlet. I think it’s pretty popular in the LGBTQ community as well. As you can probably tell over all- it’s cool. In Australia you can check it out on Stan.

The Office

Well this is more like re-watching but if you haven’t seen The Office (US of course)… why? It’s on Stan in Australia.

The Innocence Files

Really good if you’re into true crime. Based in America The Innocence Files documents 8 different cases that each led to an innocent man being put away in prison. This series is truly eye opening and I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry at least once. Thank god for the Innocence Project doing everything they can to help people who truly need it. This is a Netflix series.


Disclaimer- I’ve mainly been searching through Apple books sale section and I’ll just show you what I found

The First Wife by Jill Childs

Two childhood friends who haven’t seen each other in years reconnect when Caroline invites Sophie to stay with her. The second Sophie arrives she realises something is different with her old friend. On top of this her friends daughter has stopped speaking and acts terrified of her mother.  Overall, this was interesting enough with two point of views and a couple of plot twists. I think the only thing that let the story down was that the ending felt rushed but over all not bad for like $3.

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle50093704. sy475

The story starts with Dannie being newly engaged and scoring her dream job. She believes she’s living the perfect life until she has an extremely vivid dream in which she wakes up in a different apartment with a different man and the date on the NEWS is five years later. THEN SHE MEETS THE GUY. From reading the blurb I thought I knew how this was going to end so it took me a while to actually purchase it but I was wrong. As the book progressed it became clear what was happening but I was way too invested in the characters to let it affect me. This book hit me in the feels big time and for $5 (I think) it was worth it.

One day in December and The two lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

One day in December focuses on Laurie who makes eye contact with a complete stranger but she swears she knows him somehow. By his reaction she swears he felt the same thing and from this she’s instantly in love. She truly believes they’re meant to be and will find each other again but, will the time ever be right?

The two lives of Lydia Bird focuses on (surprise) Lydia. Lydia’s fiance dies on her 28th birthday, which is obviously terrible but her doctor prescribes her sleeping pills that give her the opportunity to see Freddie in like an alternate universe where he didn’t die and things are as normal. The story focuses on Lydia trying to deal with her grief and seeing her fiance in this different life.

Both books were like $4 each and I have very different opinions on them. I read One day in December first and it had potential to be a cute love story but I have to say it… the writing was sloppy. To be honest I googled if it was a published fan fiction (like the After situation..) so when I realised I had already purchased another one of Josie Silver’s books I was thinking for fuck sake. So I started The two lives of Lydia Bird and it’s, in my opinion, a lot better. Why? Because this is her second book. I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s why. I might also relate to this one better as I have a long term partner and was literally on the verge of tears for the majority of the book. I’m not sure but they’re like $4 each so check them out ahah


Nike Training Club

The Nike training club has been a lifesaver. Completely free and has workouts for different training types, different muscle groups and with or without equipment. However, I think the best feature is that you can set up plans for yourself and it’s so simple! You just pick what kind of plan you want, fill in some details like how often you want to train and how often you currently train then it’ll sort it all out for you. If running is more your thing the Nike run club app can also generate plans for any events you want to enter. I have both apps as they work alongside together.


Fallout Shelter 

I genuinely cannot believe I am even writing this. My boyfriend is trying to get me into gaming so he downloaded Fallout Shelter onto his iPad in what I think is an attempt to get me to want to play the actual Fallout game. Anyway, it hasn’t worked but I did get addicted to Fallout Shelter. Basically in the game you get the beginnings of a vault and a few dwellers and you have to keep them alive and create a thriving vault community. You send the dwellers into the wasteland to explore or on quests plus you need to keep them alive from raiders and keep up supplies. Overall, it’s a lot more addicting than it sounds



Four books that will make you Cry

It seems pretty weird recommending books that make you cry. Buuuut, I’ll be honest sometimes it’s exactly what you need and want. Now, my disclaimer for this post is that each of these books actually made me cry. Like, proper tears. So maybe don’t read these in public.


Breathing Under Water, Sophie Hardcastle

Just by reading the blurb you can form an idea of what the book’s going to be about. I mean there’s twins involved and foreshadowing of doom. There were a few things I really loved about this book though. Firstly it’s set in Australia, which makes the story feel that bit more relatable to me. Secondly, I love anything and everything to do with surf culture, beach culture and the ocean. That’s what originally made me pick up the book. However, what I think really makes this book stand out is Hardcastle’s portrayal of grief. It’s raw and it’s real.

If I stay, Gayle Forman

Firstly, this was the first book that ever made me cry. The blurb on goodreads doesn’t give too much away so I’ll try the same. The books main character is named Mia and one day Mia’s family goes for a drive and there’s an accident. Essentially, the story is focused on Mia’s out of body experience where she is trying to choose whether to live or die. This book becomes even more heartbreaking when you realise Gayle Forman’s inspiration for this book comes from a family she once knew.

All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven 

In All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven has done an excellent job of writing about mental illness. As I was reading the reviews of goodreads I noticed a lot of people thought the book was too similar to The Fault in our Stars. You know, two teens meet, fall in love, sadness ensues. However, I would argue they are two very different stories. While yes, they fall in love and sadness ensues, Niven has explained both characters different point of views. You can start to understand how it must feel to be overcome with mental illness, such as depression. Most importantly though, Niven has written about how the  decisions we make will impact family and friends. Because, unfortunately, not every story has a happy ending.

I was Here, Gayle Forman

This book is about two best friends from two different worlds. As the blurb mentions Meg commits suicide and Cody is left wondering why her best friend would do such a thing. This book documents how the people left behind, although they may not understand, are forced to make peace. The main message I got from this book was that it doesn’t matter how close you are to someone, you can never really know what they’re feeling inside.

Books with Plot Twists that You should Definitely Read

I want to start this post by clarifying that I am a massive bookworm (which is kind of weird since I had so much difficulty learning to read as a kid). But from the day it finally clicked I haven’t stopped. And, because of that, I have so many recommendations I want to share. In this post I will share a couple of my favourite books that had massive plot twists. (I love plot twists)


Into The Water – Paula Hawkins

Written by the same author as The Girl on the Train so you know it’s going to be good. However, I won’t say if you liked The Girl on the Train you’ll like Into The Water, because they are very different books. Written around the death of Nel and the mystery to find out what really happened to her in the lead up to her death. This book isn’t quite as suspenseful as The Girl on the Train and it’s told from a lot more character point of views. Which can make it a little confusing but trust me, it’s worth it. The twist in this book was insane and left me thinking about it for days after.

The Woman in the Window – A.J. Finn

Told from the perspective of Anna, a psychologist living with agoraphobia. A condition that has her trapped inside her own house. Finn did an incredible job with this book, especially since it’s based entirely inside Anna’s house. With the exception of maybe two or three scenes. Just to think Finn has written an entire thriller based inside one house is actually crazy! (I think so anyway). Although, I will admit there were times Anna’s agoraphobia was insanely frustrating it was also extremely eye opening. This is a real condition that real people live with. I really recommend this book for something a bit different.

Pretty Girl – J.C Burke

Pretty Girl is based around a group of four girls who go to university together. As you gather from the blurb one friend is in hospital, one ends up dead and Sarah has some relationship struggles while dealing with the first two issues. As you can probably tell, Pretty Girl is a young adult thriller opposed to the first two books which were written for adults. Which basically just means it’s not as ‘thrilling’ but it still has a pretty good plot twist and I’ve added it to the post because it was the book that got me into the reading the thriller genre.

We Were Liars – E Lockhart

We Were Liars is another young adult book. Because the first three books were thrillers I feel the need to point out that this book is more of a mystery. Basically, it’s based around a rich family that holiday on the same island every year and a main character that can’t remember what happened the holiday before. I have read some bloggers who claim they didn’t see the twists coming and others who said they saw it from the start. I’m somewhere in the middle of that. I saw it a chapter or two before it was revealed but the story behind it literally had me in tears. Like, I’m actually being serious. It’s also one of those books you can’t talk about too much because you’ll give it away, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.


Have you read these books? If you have let me know what you thought, I would love to have a chat about them