Let’s Talk: My Decision to go back to University

This has taken me a while to write, simply because I didn’t know where to start and how not to sound like a bit of a Debbie downer. So, basically, I’m just going to type it out like I would as if I was speaking to you guys and edit it a bit when it’s done.

After I graduated from school I went straight to University to study nursing, my first year was 2014. I enjoyed the course but I was a terrible student. I would procrastinate like you can’t even believe. Because of that I had to repeat two first year subjects the following year. I also learnt from my practical experience placements that although I loved learning about it I didn’t like the job. So, I tried to finish my second year, but I really had no passion at all, which is funny because that’s when I learnt what study and assignment techniques worked for me and I started passing with pretty good grades. But anyway, I dropped out and I had no idea what I wanted to do. None. So I worked full time.

Working full time was alright for the first few months. It was the first time I’d had proper Saturday/Sunday weekends for 3/4 years, which was cool. Having a good, steady income was cool too. The same thing 5 days a week, every week with no break in sight killed me. It was the same thing I hated in high school. The same routine, every week for a whole year. It’s funny because there was a point where I thought I could be happy working full time in retail or an office job if I would be able to travel or have a family. Except then, I started getting depressed. (Not clinically depressed, but I was on a downwards spiral). All of a sudden I couldn’t wake up in the morning, I was getting mad at people for nothing. I started going out drinking more than I normally would. To make matters worse my relationship felt like it was getting hit with the brunt of that. So I started looking into degrees I might like. I thought about midwifery, because it’s something I’ve always loved learning about, but it’s too similar to nursing. I thought about marine biology, another topic I was really interested in when I was younger, and I thought about primary education.

It took me months to finally decide that 1. I did want to go back to uni and 2. primary education was what I wanted to study. I would seriously make a decision and then I would talk myself out of it. Just over and over again. Then it took me a while to actually apply and then when I did get accepted I started freaking out again. To be honest, I’m still freaking out but I’m just taking one day at a time. So, now I’m back at uni at the age of 22 feeling like I’m 18 again but a whole lot more focused this time round (thank god).


Have gone back to uni or started uni a little later in your life? Let me know how you went, I’d love to hear your stories

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