Looking Back on 2018

If you want you to check out my original 2018 resolution post you can here. However, I’m going to do a quick recap of them in this post and have a quick chat about how they went.

  1. Live more

I actually think I did alright with this one. I mean I didn’t get to crazy and do the whole yes man movie plot. But I’ve definitely accomplished more this year than previous years. For example, I joined a social netball team and then a soccer club. I’m so glad I did too because I made new friends and I started going out more. Which has led me to being more confident in myself. IMG_0380

2. Work Towards a Career

If you read my ‘Why I took a Week off work’ post you’ll know that I hate my job. Which is a full time position in a retail store. So basically, I started panicking about my career. But, then I started over thinking it. Which meant I was getting no where because I would think of something I would like to do and then I would talk myself out of it. So after months of thinking about it and talking about it I enrolled back into university to study Primary Education. Which, coincidentally, was my original choice before I decided to enrol in Nursing. (Which did not work out)

3. Build a Better Home

This was a hard one to describe even back in January when I wrote my first post. But basically, I was sick of feeling like I was just coming back to a house rather than a home. And, I think I did alright with this one. I got a bit better with my home routine, I added a few candles to the house and added a couple different ‘homely’ touches.

4. Travel More

IMG_0007I really didn’t do great at this one. In fact, I didn’t even do good. Besides a trip to the Gold Coast in January I haven’t travelled at all this year. Hopefully 2019 brings more travel plans


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